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The Château des 3 Fontaines

3001 route de Monteux Velleron
84210 Pernes-les-Fontaines

The historical setting formed by the 19th century building of the Château des 3 Fontaines, recently refreshed without any aesthetic modification having been made, blends harmoniously with the modernity with which the interior is filled. Shortly before, the sheepfolds were also renovated: their old brick pillars and their original framework, in stained wood, were sublimated, thus preserving the simple majesty of these two reception places.

The bicentenary trees of the park place wedding there under the sign of eternity, but the large spaces of the Château des 3 Fontaines are just as ideal for corporate events.

The Casa Delauze

30 boulevard Charles Livon
13007 Marseille

The Château de Promicea

281 Corniche Président John Fitzgerald Kennedy
13007 Marseille

The Château de Forbin

30 Traverse de Cavaillon
13011 Marseille