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The Casa Delauze

30 boulevard Charles Livon
13007 Marseille

After 3 years of construction, Henri Germain Delauze inaugurated in 1981 a magnificent villa on stilts: The Casa Delauze.

Those who know about it often speak of it as an inaccessible dream, one of the most beautiful houses in Marseille built at sea level, with a third of its surface suspended above the water, in the last cove at the exit from the Vieux-Port. With, to protect it from prying eyes, a high palisade and a vast lush garden.

Located in an exceptional location between the Sofitel Vieux-Port and Fort Ganteaume, the Casa Delauze is unique in Marseille.
Its interior, shaped in the image of submarines, is as fascinating as the history of its owner: diving equipment, corals and memories of exotic voyages make it a museum in themselves. The place offers deep water diving while staying on dry land!

The Château des 3 Fontaines

3001 route de Monteux Velleron
84210 Pernes-les-Fontaines

The Salons de Camille

49 cours Pierre Puget
13006 Marseille

The Château de Promicea

281 Corniche Président John Fitzgerald Kennedy
13007 Marseille