Protocole Agency conceptualises, organises and coordinates corporate and prestige events for many companies, institutions and individuals.


The agency can also take responsibility for the reception and formal support of institutional or private partners, a real event’s choreography.

By offering customized and refined services, Protocole Agency puts its expertise and mastery of the rules of protocol, institutional and political ecosystems, networks of influence and the vital forces of the region's entrepreneurial landscape at the service of its clients. Unique in its kind, Protocole Agency combines a taste for celebration, protocol know-how and attention to detail to ensure the success of the events it organizes and which are held in the venues it manages. In addition to the organization of events, Protocole Agency ensures the event management of five places in Marseille and its surroundings: the Casa Delauze, the Château de Forbin, the Salons de Camille, the Château Promicéa and the Château des Trois Fontaines, located in the heart of the Vaucluse.
Outre l’organisation d’événements, Protocole Agency assure en effet la gestion événementielle de cinq lieux à Marseille et dans ses environs : la Casa Delauze, le Château de Forbin, les Salons de Camille, le Château Promicéa et le Château des Trois Fontaines, situé au cœur du Vaucluse.

The Agency

Thalie Testot-Ferry - Présidente Fondatrice


Founding President

Alizée Merdy - Directrice Artistique


Directeur Commercial

Alizée Merdy - Directrice Artistique


Artistic Director

Florian Rousse - Chef de Projet Évènementiel


Event Project Manager


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